Justice Benson of YR2 asks, What Do I Do With My Life?

Where is time going? I don’t know about you but these days are turning into minutes!

I can remember myself when I was younger, eating McDonalds and watching power rangers. Now I work a full time job and I eat Tesco’s cheese and pickle sandwiches. Time has truly flown by. Sooner or later I’ll be 70 years old on a rocking chair yelling at my grandkids. These thoughts always lead to a question that I ask myself every day, how am I living my life? Am I living my life the best that I can live it? Am I doing everything to the best of my ability?

Some of my friends usually tell me to do whatever makes me feel good. Which would just be sleeping with the next chick I see, or to beat up the next guy that bumps into me, or to eat my baby nephews food in front of him because that’s what I would do, but you just have to ask yourself if that’s what living life is really all about. Is it? Because as far as I’m concerned, I would be emotionally destroying a girl, physically damaging a brother and making my baby nephew cry. And I know that’s not what living this life is about.

There has to be more than what we can see, feel, touch, smell and taste. There has to be a reason why we wake up in the morning and go to work or school, think about it? Why do we need to do these daily routines if time is going so fast? That means that we are living a pointless life. There has to be a purpose as to why we do these things and honestly I think we were made for so much more than we can imagine.

I think we need to live for something with a meaning and something which gives a clue about what to do with your life. I sometimes see life as a plane ride, because you can be the pilot of your plane and not know what to do or where you’re heading, or you can let God take control and watch your flight make a safe landing in the field that God has carefully chosen for you.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” – Psalm 32:8

I want to know what God wants for me to do with this life, don’t you?

Then let him take control.

Article contributed by Justice Benson, Founder of Young, Restless & Reformed (YR2) to help encourage the young believer in their everyday obstacles.

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