June 2015 Top 10 Chart

Smiles and good vibes heralded the start of the happy season and a new kind on the block shot to the number one spot regardless of the other 25 submissions. A very strong showing from both Judges and public votes with half of the final Top 10 being chart newbies. Summer was off to a bright start!

[item title=”#1 REGARDLESS – Possible P”][/item]
[item title=”#2 RUNWAY – Soloettes”][/item]
[item title=”#3 THIS TIME – DESOLA”][/item]
[item title=”#4 STREET STARZ FREESTYLE – Jo Joey”][/item]
[item title=”#5 IF GOD BE FOR ME – Selina Cole”][/item]
[item title=”#6 KINGDOM SOUND – Karl Nova ft. Melvillous”][/item]

[item title=”#7 FOREVER & ALWAYS – Twelve24″][/item]
[item title=”#8 BETTER – Samm Henshaw”][/item]
[item title=”#9 YOU BE – Ab’ola”][/item]
[item title=”#10 THE JESUS TRACK – Marxman & Charles”][/item]

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