Israel Tomlinson – I NEED A CHANGE [Promo Video]


Israel Tomlinson, singer, song-writer, worship leader at Expression of Worship and musician in his own right has been used by God to bring a fresh, vibrant and contemporary style of music which is truly uplifting and inspirational.

What sets Israel apart from other Christian musicians and artists is his unique ability to capture and identify issues affected by most and translate it into a song which encourages and brings hope. His ability to use emotion within a song to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds sets him apart as a relative musician and artist. His love and passion for God is desirable and motivating.

The debut album I Need A Change by Israel Tomlinson, singer and writer of EOW song Best Of Me on the Spirit Of Praise album, tells an untold story. It exposes darkness, unmasks fear, brings hope, radiates joy, expresses zeal and echoes God’s word. It identifies with the challenges of life in addition to highlighting the source of salvation therefore connecting to the hearts and minds of all who listen. I Need A Change acknowledges the Lord’s power to deliver and transform in the midst of every situation and with tracks such as Live For You, My Identity, and First True Love listeners are reassured of God’s sovereignty and ability to bring restoration.

The album titled song written and co-produced by Pastor Paul A.Clarke is an anthem of empowerment and hope! Support the artist and find out how you can get your copy of I Need A Change if you haven’t already. Like and follow FACEBOOK | TWITTER

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