INTRODUCING… Tofunmi Adorna with feel-good debut ‘All In Good Time’

Debut single ‘All In Good Time’ from Tofunmi Adorna is a feel-good song of joy, freedom and hope that takes listeners on a journey through the tension of disappointment and faith. The catchy hook and vibrant melodic grooves encourage dancing and dreaming. Written by emerging artist, Tofunmi Adorna, it as a personal declaration of faith in response to Psalm 37:4 and Ecclesiastes 3. The song’s powerful message of hope is shared with the world for those who need it most.

Tofunmi is a rising independent artist from London, UK. She has over a decade of singing and performing experience and has graced prestigious stages like the Royal Albert Hall and featured on BBC Radio. In 2020, she began writing and creating her own music to share her message of hope and inspiration. Her style blends gospel, R&B, and soul with soft Neo-Soul tones, creating an uplifting and soul-stirring sound. Her lyrics are authentic and relatable, offering encouragement that resonates with listeners.

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