Industry Vet launches “BE AMPLIFIED” in partnership with Integrity Music

Gospel Music Executive Stephania Andry-Wilkinson has partnered with Integrity Music to release a new music initiative titled “Be Amplified” – creating a new platform for emerging voices . At a time where there’s much division and polarization, they aim to bring a reason and voice of hope in a culture that’s constantly being redefined. ‘Be Amplified’ will see one generation championing the next, sharing their platform and influence through mentorship, investment, and empowerment.

The first single from “Be Amplified” releases on April 15th. Titled Not Forgotten, the song is led by the powerful vocals of New York-based Anaysha Figueroa-Cooper (pictured above). Not Forgotten conveys the passion Anaysha has for those who feel like their dreams have been buried and their prayers unanswered. It’s a song that speaks to the hopelessness everybody can deal with at time, pointing back to our God, who is the unchangeable keeper of promises. 

Jonathan Brown, President of integrity Music says, “Since the first time I met Steph, I’ve always had a desire to partner and work with her. Her intuition, connections, and energy are a magnetic force not just in the industry, but in the lives of creatives that she champions. Be Amplified brings all of Stephs history and future desires to see emerging voices flourish while honoring those who have paved the way in Gospel music. My hope is this partnership will bring dignity and opportunity to discover emerging voices that will shape the future of the songbook for the church”.

“Integrity Music is a great partner for this initiative because their heart is that of those willing to serve others. The vision of the Company lends itself perfectly to this effort as Be Amplified creates an awareness of those who continually serve others  and actively participate in the greater goal of creating songs, resources for the church, and music that impacts beyond our culture”, says Andry-Wilkinson. Stephania is no stranger to Integrity Music as she started her career at the label in 1999 and helped pioneer some of today’s most accredited singers and songwriters in Christian and Gospel music. This full circle moment  comes at a time where music culture and faith need new voices more than ever as it is constantly being redefined.

“My hope for this song is to reach people in their deepest, most personal places to remind them that they are not forgotten; it’s so simple but so difficult to grasp sometimes,” Anaysha shares. Not Forgotten was written by Lawrence Dotson and Kenneth Knight and was produced by Cory Henry.