How Teens Around the World Relate to Jesus | The Open Generation

After a tremendous amount of work, Barna Group are ready to share with us the results of the largest study they’ve ever conducted in their 38-year history. The Open Generation project is a first-of-its-kind international research study designed to help church leaders better understand teenagers around the world.

It was created in partnership with Alpha, Biblica and World Vision, with additional support from Christian Vision, Bible Study Fellowship, Christ in Youth and the Association of Christian Schools International. Barna provides Christian leaders with credible research and reliable insights to help them navigate a complex and changing culture.

The Open Generation project features the results of 25,000 interviews from 26 different countries and 17 different languages, and due to the enormity of the data collected, we’ve divided our findings into a three-part series:

Vol. 1 — How Teens Around the World Relate to Jesus

Vol. 2 — How Teens Around the World View the Bible

Vol. 3 — How Teens Around the World Can Make an Impact

Volume 1 is available now! In it, we explore teens’ perceptions of and affection for Jesus. The results include both encouraging tendencies to build on and some concerning gaps that churches and Christian leaders have an opportunity to address.

Offering brand new data as well as insights from practitioners around the world, this report helps chart a way forward for reaching teens with the gospel.