Who or what do put your trust & faith in daily? Any guarantees?

When you leave your home to go out, you get in a car, take a bus or train or even walk right? How do you know you are going to get to your destination?

Do you ask the bus driver if he or she knows how to get where you want to go? Do you check the car, bus or train to see if its in good shape for the journey. Why? Because you believe that the driver & vehicle is going to get you to your destination. You place your faith in the driver and transport, you place your trust in the driver and transport. The same applies with God, you should have faith that He will take care of you.


Many become anxious when they have to make the decision to give their lives to God because they fear they would be losing out, but when you have FAITH IN GOD, you have total assurance he will build your life. He becomes your driver and your means of getting to that ultimate destination.

Michael Akinle

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