Great Awakening Healing Revival with Todd Bentley

Great awakening HR

Evangelist Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries have extended their stay in South Africa indefinitely in order to fan the flames that are burning in Tongaat!

“We’ve had 20 meetings, and no meeting has been the same,” says Todd Bentley. “Each day there is an anointing for something different. We’re experiencing God’s goodness and moving into a season of divine favour. We’re staying on in Durban indefinitely and encourage people to come and join us.”

“Revival is all about Jesus, and His compassion for people,” said Wendy Alec, who is GOD TV’s Director of Television.

“I only expected to be in Tongaat for the four days for which we were invited,” said Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley who is at the centre of a reported outbreak of miraculous healings and salvations that have been taking place at a rally in the KwaZulu-Natal town for the past fortnight and which shows no sign of stopping soon.

The Great Awakening Revival, as the event is billed, has been capturing attention worldwide as Christian television network, GOD TV has interrupted its regular programming to screen the event live each night since April 12. People are travelling to Tongaat, which is 37km north of Durban, from all over the world and many churches in different countries have set up large screens to televise the revival meetings to their congregations, says GOD TV in a press release. Reportedly, some 1 200 homes in different parts of the world are participating in GOD TV’s Living Room Initiative in which people invite their friends and neighbours to join them viewing the live broadcasts from South Africa. It says its broadcasts reach 220 million homes. Up to 4 500 people are attending the service each night. During the live broadcasts many people testify to experiencing healing and messages are read from people around the world who say they have been healed or encountered God while watching a service on TV.

You can continue to view Todd Bentley live at the Great Awakening Healing Revival on GOD TV .