Gospelrobix fitness solution with Christians in mind


Gospelrobix is a UK based Company that aims to get the body of Christ and the wider community fit and healthy. Their tag line is ‘Helping you to become a faithful steward over your body.’

Gospelrobix is a home fitness solution specifically made with Christians in mind. A fun, energetic, high-intensity workout incorporating traditional aerobic, dance and HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) to provide a comprehensive workout for all levels.

Their workout has been carefully composed with fitness experts to ensure that it is safe for all the family providing an effective workout and long-term fitness solution.

It provides a challenging yet fun workout with faith-based encouragement and motivation throughout. For those who have neither the time nor the money to belong to a gym, Gospelrobix provides a cost-effective alternative to keeping fit whilst challenging you to be the very best you can be to the glory of GOD.

The Gospelrobix GX DVD volume 1 is out now from their website and is available for digital download in SD and HD format. Be sure to check Amazon who is currently providing free delivery for all UK based orders.

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