Gospel Choir INCOGNITO Wows All At Britain’s Got Talent Auditions

gospel singers incognito

You can be forgiven if you missed Britain’s Got Talent last weekend but don’t let it happen again! Not when there is the amazing Gospel Choir Incognito to thrill and delight you with creative and spectacular choral performances.

The initial one man choir eventually morphed into a full ensemble after some of its singers had magical sightings all over the audition venue. Pastor and Choirmaster Patrick after some amusing banter with the judges when he took to the stage on his own declaring “I’m a choir”, went on to lead the 15 strong group into what can only be described as a vocal extravaganza.

This seems to be the choral season and Step FWD is just ‘happy as a lark’ to see more ambassadors for the gospel shining their light in ministry. May they continue to be strong in the faith as they have just ‘upped the ante’ in what we believe is the beginning of a revival in the UK Gospel Music Scene heading into summer. You ‘eard it here first!

They are going to need your support as BGT progresses. Follow and like Gospel Singers Incognito by clicking TWITTER and FACEBOOK


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