Fred Williams: Film Maker, Producer, Creative Director & Community Advocate

As we start the second half of 2021 we will be introducing you to a number of trailblazers and outstanding individuals in the creative space who also have a passion for and are excelling in their willingness and ability to serve others. The first in this new series is Fred Williams – Film Maker, Producer, an experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in the motion pictures and film industry.  

Fred is a Community and Peace Activist who engages and nurtures strategic relationships with different charities, local communities, non-governmental (NGO’s) and governmental bodies like the British Foreign Office, the Nigerian and American governments.

He has worked closely as Film Producer for several years with different organisations including Christian Concern, a UK advocacy group focused on reflecting Christian values in the public space. Fred is a highly skilled Audio-visual Director, Camera-operator, Video-editor, constantly running a wide range of online productions, live events and TV programs.

Amongst all the other creative skills, Fred has also served as a pastor for many years and been involved in church planting since the early nineties.

All of these come to bear in his leadership of the LOVEBACK/ #dropthegunpickupacamera campaign. LOVEBACK is an initiative promoting justice and peace in which creative arts, drama, music and motion picture are used to promote tolerance, respect, forgiveness, enterprise, justice and community building initiatives.

He is the director of Icontowers Studio – a multi-media company, providing a range of services, from filming, audio-visual productions, to rehearsal rooms and photography. Check out some of his work below:

Catch us next week for Part 2 where we bring you more about Fred including a few of his passion projects.

In the meantime connect with him on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram || Book his services at HERE