Frankynero is back from illness with New single ‘Fill Me Up’

Frankynero is a soulful R&B singer, producer, songwriter, and a Born Again Christian. His musical style is a fusion of gospel lyrics and hot circular beats. Here he releases an acoustic version of his comeback single ‘Fill Me Up’ after some time away battling illness.

Frankynero aims to take the word of God to the unreachable with the hope of reaching those who are – not interested in church, don’t like and may never listen to gospel music and who definitely are not interested in hearing a sermon.

Music was always a part of Frankynero’s life. As a young boy growing up he was deeply into soul and some pop music. His earliest influences were Michael Bolton, Toni Braxton and Michael Jackson. For Franky music wasn’t just lyrics with beats and nice vocals – music was his soul food. Whenever there was an opportunity, he would sing to entertain friends and family. This led to him performing on various stages to huge audiences both as a soloist and with groups including London African Gospel Choir, as they recorded for BBC or provided backing vocals for the likes of Mumford and Sons and Emile Sande to name a few.

In late 2012 Franky fell seriously ill with the doctors unable to diagnose the cause of his illness. In January 2013, after seeing seven doctors, repeated visits to the A&E and with no diagnosis he was admitted to Croydon University Hospital. The same week he wrote on his Facebook wall that he was quitting music. Fortunately his wife saw it and immediately deleted it without his knowledge until some days later.

He had decided to quit because until his decision to take his music ministry seriously he was fine. He thought his life was absolutely perfect. He had a wonderful family, no money worries and his business was successful. So what was the point of doing this if it was going to cost him his health? After spending weeks in hospital and after several tests, he was diagnosed with a condition called Polymyositis (a condition marked by inflammation and degeneration of skeletal muscle throughout the body). He had to take a high dosage of steroids plus other medications along with a type of chemotherapy as his blood cells were also fighting themselves.

His wife of 4 children, Andrea explained sometime ago in a blog post how painful it was to see Franky struggling and not able to support his family as he wanted to. The illness she said affected not just his longterm health but his esteem. She continues to confidently support him to pursue his dreams to the fullest.

Franky had started to give up on his music, but after going through much pain and heartache in 2014, decided to prayerfully go fully on into Music Ministry – this time prayerfully. He said he made this decision because with the illness and all the challenges he had faced in the last couple of years, had taught him that he was actually important, valuable and relevant to the Kingdom of God. The devil’s’ efforts had shown him that he was a threat, so now he plans to come back stronger, bigger, better and with all the hosts of heaven.

With previous hits like ‘You Are With Me’ blasting in our office background speakers we asked Franky, who is signed to Roy Francis Productions, about his latest release ‘Fill Me Up’. This is what he had to say, “As a believer in Christ life can be incredibly difficult without the Lords anointing, presence, power, and strength. It can be equally easy and joyful when we have the fire, the anointing and his presence over our lives. You will realise that things that seem like a challenge became easy, you find wisdom for everyday problems that you might otherwise struggle with.”

He added, “My hope is people will experience the amazing presence of God as they listen to this song. Even people who don’t know Christ or have never encountered his presence might do so as they listen and open up their hearts for God to move. And that’s the purpose for this song.”

After being told he wouldn’t be able to walk, run or be active we are happy to report that he is able to do all these things to the amazement of his consultants and Doctors. Frankynero had resigned himself to God’s will in full surrender and continues to trust God for his full healing.

He said on his website, “Whatever you are undertaking for God don’t let the devil’s attempt to silence you, keep you down, knock you out – prevail. At the same time wisdom is called for…. Don’t go into anything without prayer. Let God be ahead of you and the centre of everything you decide to do. You will succeed with Jesus on your side.

Frankynero is certainly an inspiration to us and talking to him just now it was evident that his passion for music, even through his hardship – Franky still struggles with breathing and coughing – has not diminished his desire or determination for ministry.

While he is finalising his full EP you can purchase ‘Fill Me Up’ now via his Website

You can also keep up to date with him Facebook | Twitter

O’Neil Dennis