Family Band SimpsonTenTwelve with ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’

Here at Step FWD we love finding fresh sounds, new artists and established ones that we may have missed. Imagine our joy when we came across a whole family; mom, dad, son & daughter that go by the name SimpsonTenTweleve with their unique rendition of ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’ for Premier.

The music of simpsontentwelve is genre-spanning, culture-breaking, and holy-spirit soaked. Simpsontentwelve believes when a family comes together in agreement, another deeper level of blessing is released, and new sound of worship produced. The band is made up of members of the Simpson family, parents Kevin and Elaine and kids Lauren and Morgan.

Listening to some of their music, the simplistic honesty of their lyrics urges a heart response – one that requires an answer. You can tell that music runs through their veins and out of their hearts, leaving listeners feeling encouraged, loved and inspired.

With their debut single still on rotation from last year this family worship band seems to be bedding themselves in for a promising future and a family that sings together…

simpsontentwelve is definitely one to keep an eye on!

O’Neil Dennis