Exclusive Video Premiere: Mr Ekow – Chapter 6: Causation

An aStepFWD.com exclusive video premiere, Mr Ekow releases a special spoken word rendition of his track ‘Chapter 6: Causation’ taken from “The Cosmic Journey” EP released earlier this year. Amidst a year filled with many tragedies, Mr Ekow explores why these these events happen and why helping should be everyone’s cause.

Whether it’s an earthquake in Nepal, Black Lives Matter, the refugee crisis or the injustice in our local communities, he believes we all play a part in seeing our world transformed by love and justice.

Combine an endless imagination with down-to-earth sensibilities and you’ve got Mr Ekow, a 24 years old full-time youth worker and part-time masters student in Development Education at UCL. Taking inspiration from God, people watching and everything in-between, he weaves together the everyday and the fantastical in gripping and effortless rhymes.

When asked by aStepFWD how ‘Chapter 6: Causation’ came about, Mr Ekow responded, I started writing this track a week after returning from a 10 week volunteering placement in Bolivia in 2013. I was working with a mix of Bolivian and UK volunteers in an impoverished area, helping to support a girls rescue centre and a nursery or primary school. The trip made a huge impression on me and really opened up my eyes to the extent of poverty, both physical and spiritual around the world.

He added, When I returned, I found myself frustrated with the apathetic nature of the Church in general (including myself) to justice. I wrote this track as a response to that apathy, challenging myself and others to take responsibility for the wellbeing of our local and global neighbours. My desire is to live more justly and encourage my sphere of influence to as well.”

Hailing from South London, Mr Ekow started rapping in 2008 and later picked up production in 2010. Often showcasing an experimental edge over electro hop landscapes, Mr Ekow continues to push the boundaries of both his ability and sound.

O’Neil Dennis