Evangelical Alliance releases ‘Lament’ film addressing UK Covid-19 grief

The Evangelical Alliance has released ‘Lament’, a spoken word film addressing the grief caused by COVID-19, written and performed by author and evangelist Phil Knox. The film was produced with the aim of supporting the UK church in addressing the grief and challenges caused by the pandemic, and in sharing the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.

Lament’ is a cry of protest and loss, expressing the anxiety and grief brought about by the past year, as well as expressing the hope found in the Christian faith. In the film, Knox references a biblical refrain used to express grief, “How long, O Lord?”, to acknowledge the frustration, pain and unrest experienced by many in the church and wider society.

On the inspiration behind his poem, Knox, the Evangelical Alliance’s head of mission to young adults, says: “This last year has been so tough. On a personal level, two close family members have died and I have struggled through grief and social isolation. As a world, we have lost so many loved ones and battled against anxiety, discouragement and uncertainty.”

“‘Lament’ is a moment to stop and grieve all that is past, walk slowly and reflect on the past year before looking ahead with hope. It closes with some raw and real verses from the Bible’s book of Lamentations which mean a lot to me, as I have searched for a firm foundation on which to stand in the storm. I hope ‘Lament’ is a tangible blessing to others who have struggled through this season.”

The film has been made freely available so that churches can use it during online services. In the spoken word performance, Knox makes reference to the UK’s surge of interest in online church last year. Nearly nine in 10 church leaders hosting online meetings said they had attracted viewers who would not normally attend church services, according to the Evangelical Alliance’s survey of evangelical church leaders last autumn.

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