Eric Reverence gears up to release the perfect song to start 2020

Worship leader, evangelist, singer & songwriter Eric Reverence‘s style of music has touched the lives of many. His passion for people has led him to connect with every race, irrespective of their diverse culture. The multiple award-winning artist is the Co-Producer of Gospel Explosion Summit, President of Christian Music Professionals (CMP) and founder of Spontaneous Worship and Youth Ambassador UK

Eric works with a multi-national team of talented singers and musicians who are in tune with his vision to lead others to a life of true worship. His heart and passion are to fulfil what God has called him which are to produce songs for everyone’s needs, empower and build others, especially young people with musical talent/gift and to help them to fulfil the purpose of God in their lives.

His latest single ‘MORE’ was inspired by the profound scripture found in Proverbs 3vs 5-6. Eric goes on to tell us that there were times when he did not seek God and did things in his own strength. Each time it didn’t go well, lead to frustration. “I learnt and realised that even though we love and believe in God he is not able to guide and lead us to the wonderful plans he has for us if we don’t surrender our lives and everything totally to him. However, the more I begun to trust God and laid down everything to him and worshiped him even when times were tough, I experienced the move of God in my life in such a powerful way. The brand new single ‘MORE’ is a song of dedication, devotion and worship. ‘MORE’ incorporates a contemporary sound with powerful inspiring lyrics.  

When asked about the new single, Eric Reverance says, “This  worship song is also an intimate conversation with God and it brings you back to basics about fully submitting and surrendering everything to God. It takes you to a journey of living a life of ultimate worship to God and trusting him fully with our hearts. The more you lay everything we do at God’s feet, you will live a life of fulfilment”. 

Eric has shared the stage with multiple international Christian artists and  global icons such as  Hillsong, Tim Hughes, Noel Robinson, Sandra Godley, Lara Martin and Sonnie Badu. The Ghanaian, London based artist has ministered at international events including USA, Latvia, Canada, Netherlands and Ghana. Eric has completed a successful charity tour in Ghana and USA and looking forward to major tours across the globe. His highly anticipated single ‘MORE’ and album will be released in followed by an international tour. His brand new single ‘MORE’ is the perfect song to start 2020.

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