Eric Reverence: Breaking down barriers Note by Note

Another year rapidly comes to a close, or slowly drains away depending on your perspective. 2015 was a year that artists such as Faith Child, Birmingham Community Gospel Choir, Leeds-based Leroy’ Gentleman’ Johnson and a number of LCGC associated X-Factor hopefuls can reflect on with a glowing sense of achievement.

There is absolutely no way of predicting how 2016 will pan out, but based on the trajectory and drive of one new rising name and his team, the brand new year will represent a period of emergence and ascension to higher platforms.

Eric Reverence is a name that many across London and indeed the UK will hear more about as the new 12 months commences. A Praise and Worship artist who bears a slight resemblance in style and features to Noel Robinson it must be said, is preparing for a determined push forward with his worship team. Winning a recent Praisetek award and strategic appearances at a number of high profile gatherings, Reverence is building his ministry note by note, literally. When asked what the special Praisetek meant to him, Eric replied;

“I was truly honoured to win this award and most importantly that my work is being recognised. I was really shocked and amazed to be given special award as PGM Ambassador as I was not expecting this. Many thanks to my wonderful wife, my family, my team, Praisetek and to everyone who has supported me. I believe this is the beginning of great things to happen. God Bless you all”.

Eric and his work can be found on a number of the digital social platforms so start seeking him out.

There is a buzz and a presence about this man and his unit, and I have a feeling his music and team Reverence will be making even more of an impact very soon.

Steve Alexander Smith