Ebi Oginni releases debut album “Hope” ahead of live concert

Ebi Oginni, a Nigerian-born Irish doctor and an emerging independent singer/songwriter  currently based in Derby, England is releasing her debut album “Hope” on September 30th. This album will feature songs that have been written during the pandemic to bring encouragement to people and to keep them going no matter what. Her first and second singles made it on to the top 5 Contemporary Gospel tracks on the UK Christian Charts. 

Her goal as an artist is to bring persevering faith and contagious joy through music and spoken word and she has just done that with her debut album. These songs have already brought joy and hope to many across many nations. Here’s a review below on the album from an industry expert.

“Filled to bursting point with a tremendous amount of heart and soul, and not to mention thoroughly energizing, Ebi Oginnini’s wonderfully positive “Hope” is a lovingly put-together Gospel album that encapsulates the very meaning of its title with both great assuredness and belief. Alongside its rousing vocal performances that incite nothing but a true feeling of joy and fulfillment, the music is a fantastic blend of funk, R&B, rock, and soul styles that is able to capture and hold the listener’s attention effortlessly, ensuring audiences come away from “Hope” feeling both contented and elated”

To commemorate this, Ebi Oginni will be having a concert titled ‘Hope-Songs For Fearless Living’ on October the 1st in Derby, UK. Click the image below for either in person or virtual tickets for the album release concert.

In support of suicide prevention awareness month, part of the proceeds will go to Youngminds which is a mental health charity for children, young people and their parents, making sure all young people can get the mental health support they need.

To download a free e-book from Ebi Oginni – 7 days to living fearless – click HERE | Watch her latest video above.