Dynamic Hip-Hop/Afro collaboration ‘Making Me’ featuring Tee Supreme & Reblah

Prepare to be uplifted and inspired as emerging artists join forces to release their newest single, ‘Making Me’, available worldwide now. The track, featuring the talents of Tee Supreme and Reblah, seamlessly blends Hip-hop and Afrobeat vibes, offering listeners an invigorating musical experience. We’re thrilled to share ‘Making Me’ with the world. This song is not just about music; it’s a testament to the power of faith and surrendering our lives to God.

With its infectious beats and compelling message, ‘Making Me’ is poised to make its mark on playlists across various platforms. As an ambassador of Gospel/Christian music, Reblah recommends adding this track to playlists and radio stations.

‘Making Me’ serves as a reminder of the journey we undertake as individuals of faith, it’s about trusting in divine guidance and allowing Jesus to elevate us to new heights. The genesis of ‘Making Me’ can be traced back to the success of ‘Moving Mountains’ which was released in March 2021. The collaborative efforts of Tee Supreme and Reblah were engineered by R-Scar & Tweeko, resulting in a track that not only showcases their growth but also uplifts and inspires audiences worldwide.

As ‘Making Me’ makes its debut, a music video is slated for filming on June 1st, promising an immersive visual experience for supporters. Tee Supreme and the entire team are excited to witness the impact of their collective efforts. With a shared vision and unwavering dedication, they are poised to captivate audiences and spread positivity and salvation through the power of music.

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