Dragonfly week: How dragonflies reflect the beauty of God’s creation

This week is the British Dragonfly Society’s ‘Dragonfly Week’ which gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on God’s creation, particularly in relation to Matthew 10:29-31.

You may be wondering: why? But dragonflies are in fact pretty incredible creations. They have been around for 300 million years and can migrate 11,000 miles across the Indian Ocean

They are the strongest fliers in the world: they can hover like a helicopter, even in strong winds, fly straight up and down, and they can fly in reverse. The reason they can fly in reverse while butterflies and other insects can’t is because they have two sets of wings which work independently of one another. Their flight is so efficient that it has inspired scientists to make robots that fly like these insects.

They can multitask – they can eat while flying and even mate midair. They can look in multiple directions at once, and their eyes have about 30,000 lenses so that they can see nearly 360 degrees. Their vision goes beyond human visual capabilities, including ultraviolet light and polarised light reflecting off water.

And all of this is in a dragonfly about 2 inches in size!

In Matthew 10: 29-31 we read that we do not need to worry about out clothes because of how beautifully wildflowers are made, which will be gone tomorrow. Likewise God provides for the sparrows who do not reap and sow, and therefore God will do the same for us. If everyone knew the incredible facets of the humble dragonfly, I bet they’d be saying look at all this incredible ability God has placed in a 2-inch insect… how much more has he placed inside us?! 

Happy #dragonflyweek24 everyone! 

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