Deanna Fletcher introduces the UK’s Christian podcast for millennials

Podcasting is growing and seeing a genuine renaissance. One decade on from the inception of the podcast, 4.7 million adults in the UK have listened to one (or more) with 66% of those aged 15+ listening via their smartphone (according to RAJAR MIDAS Winter 2016 survey).

Despite the growing number of podcast listeners in the UK, there is a noticeable gap in Christian conversation series produced from the United Kingdom (the most popular religious talk radio series are exports from the USA), and certainly a lack of discussion aimed at millennial audiences.

A key voice and personality on UCB for 7 years, Deanna Fletcher is a seasoned national radio presenter and producer. Her bi-weekly interview series ‘Height of Heart’ is capturing audiences aged 20+ in a conscious effort to reach the generation traditional Christian radio is not.

As we know, young adults are consuming their media online. Hopefully ‘Height of Heart’ can be a space that tackles real questions about character and faith as we hear from inspiring world leaders and cultural architects of our time.” says Deanna.

Her recent Guests and Episodes include:

Reggie Dabbs – America’s foremost communicator for young people, and speaks to over 1 million teenagers annually. Reggie is considered to be one of the most influential voices heard by teenagers today, and has advised US presidents on issues relating to education.

Briana Babineaux – a young leader and influencer. At just 23, Bri commands a following of over half a million through social media. Her 2016 live album reached number 1 in the Billboard Gospel chart.

Deanna caught up with both US powerhouses, for a discussion surrounding male role models, the pressure than can accompany influence and overcoming challenges to creating a brighter future!

Lisa Bevere – a New York Times bestselling author, public speaker and Christian communicator. In her conversation with Deanna, Lisa shares advice for millennial women, her thoughts on feminism and responding to poor leadership.

The ‘Height of Heart’ podcast is available to download from iTunes, Stitcher and Player FM.

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