Dealing with disappointment? Thoughts for YOU

Dealing With Disappointment

The truth is, in life, not everything will go according to your plan. Regardless of how strong our faith is, we will all experience disappointment at some point.

It can be really hard to have hope and faith that something will happen only for it to fall apart. But it’s often when things fall apart that amazing things can come together.

When things don’t go the way that you expected you have to trust God and have faith in the fact that He will not deny any good thing for an upright person. God has an incredible plan for your life!

And sometimes he has to close certain doors so that he can open an even greater one.

Don’t allow your disappointment to turn into anger, resentment, bitterness or any other negative motion. You might have to cry and you might feel sad, go ahead and release the emotion and then dust yourself off and keep it moving. Try and change your perspective and maintain a positive attitude.

Keep going and don’t give up! The best is yet to come.

My name is Love, and these are my Notes