Darla Z releases new inspirational single ‘Please Help Me Forgive’

catBOX Entertainment Music Publishing releases singer/songwriter Darla Z’s newest single, Please Help Me Forgivea beautiful, inspiring song about forgiveness. With her stunning vocal delivery and thought-provoking lyrics, ‘Please Help Me Forgive’ was written by Darla Z to musically express the struggle to forgive others and its impact on inner peace. Sharing her thoughts, Darla Z said, “I believe forgiveness can be a personal dilemma for people who have empathy and compassion. My hope is that this song serves as a beacon, guiding listeners to ask God to help them forgive those who have treated them wrong or unfairly.”

Recorded at UNLV Recording Studio in Las Vegas, with renowned Chuck Foley as engineer, “Please Help Me Forgive” is launched with Darla’s incomparable vocals and embodies her unwavering passion for writing lyrics that evoke an emotional and meaningful impact.

A voice of the ages. Darla Z has earned international acclaim for both her incredible voice and the inspirational, beautiful songs she writes. Darla Z was named Best International Singer of the Year 2023 by Rome Movie Awards. Darla Z’s most recent release, “To All the Gabbys in the World,” to date has won over 40 International Awards, demonstrating the global admiration of her vocal abilities and songwriting.

Darla Z has starred in televised specials and collaborated with many industry legends including Ronnie Wilson, Founder of The Gap Band, Wayne Newton, Willie Nelson, and legendary pianist Bob Rozario. With her new song ‘Please Help Me Forgive’, Darla Z continues her award-winning legacy. Global Film Awards (LA) awarded ‘Please Help Me Forgive’ Best Original Song and Bridgefest (Vancouver) awarded her song Grand Music Contest Winner.

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