City of Manchester ready to embrace Noel Robinson

On Saturday 14th November Noel Robinson will be launching the Northern leg of his ‘Outrageous’ album tour in Manchester. The London event was a huge success and the next stage promises to be just as good, if not better.

A very busy tour hardened Noel Robinson is signed to the Integrity music label and says;

“This Album is my first collaboration with Integrity Music the Global worship Label, recorded live in London to a full house, with new songs that will empower the worshipper in everyday life”

Noel is the first British worship leader from the Black led church in the UK of African Caribbean descent to be signed to the Integrity Music label.

He continues; “This is going to be a Christian concert with some of the best live music”

Noel Robinson has been playing and creating music for over 20 years. He is known as one of the foremost Christian artist in the UK within the multicultural Christian scene. He travels extensively across the world – he brings his brand of life giving music to Manchester at the Renewal event having just completed his first Integrity music recording.

Robinson beams with enthusiasm as he explains his Kingdom Worship Movement;

“Our heart is to raise up a sound of worship an Altar of Intercession for our Nation – the city of Manchester represents the diversity of the U.K. And the church in this season as one of the cultural centres of the British Isle we join with the many churches and Christian organisations to continue building Altars in that city for the northern regions of this nation”.

Gospel artists from around the North such as Huddersfield, York (Libby Redman), Bradford and Leeds have welcomed and eagerly anticipate the arrival of the London Artist.

Recently MOBO-nominated and rapidly rising Leeds inspirational artist Leroy Johnson will be in attendance and expresses his excitement;

“Looking forward to sharing praise, worship and the launch of another great album with the legendary and visionary Noel Robinson”.

Saturdays event will include Chris Bowater, Lara Martin, Madeleine Kerzner and Mark Beswick as well as huge numbers of worshippers from across the North of England.

Hopefully Integrity Music are planning a Midlands stage to the ‘Outrageous’ Album launch strategy.

Register for this spectacular event at

Steve Alexander Smith
Author, Artist Consultant and Freelance Writer

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