Citizens release deluxe edition of new album “i can’t find the edges of you”

“I Can’t Find The Edges Of You” extended an invitation to live in the spacious acceptance that we don’t know it all, and now Citizens are exploring a deeper discovery of God, engaging their audience’s imagination, and inspiring them to reconsider perceptions and presuppositions of the Divine with an extended edition of the much-acclaimed record. “Many times [we think] we are grazing the edges of God not realizing it’s our edges that we are bumping up against,” Zach says, “We create these walls for God to exist within. Boundaries that make sense to us. But the last time I checked, the Divine Mystery isn’t trying to make sense.” 

Complete with 2 new live tracks, the deluxe edition of “i can’t find the edges of you” keeps telling the story of Citizens’ endless exploration of faith and creativity.