Citizens introduce brand new single titled ‘When We Pray’

Citizens introduce a new single after their successful summer EP “A Thousand Shores“. The new song, called ‘When We Pray’, was written by Citizens frontman Zach Bolen alongside Canadian singer-songwriter Ben Cantelon. ‘When We Pray’ emerged from a conversation between the musicians, expressing their thoughts around the phrase “in Jesus name”.

With simple honesty, Zach says that his “first instinct was to push against the idea of writing a song with that phrase mostly just because of how often it has been used as a cliche, or even worse, as some sort of magical saying.” The new single seeks to bring something new to the conversation around the significance of praying in the name of Jesus. Citizens dare to embrace the tension, encouraging listeners that it’s often in that place that our faith becomes tangible: “At times it’s a tattered and frustrated faith and at other times it’s a garden at springtime. I can’t explain why that is, but I’ve found along the way that God has answered many of my “in Jesus name” prayers, just not always in the way that I was expecting,” Zach adds. ‘When We Pray’ speaks of selfless faith and untapped hope on a spacious sound bed of melodic bass, atmospheric synths and a subtle rhythmic guitar line; and the song is marked with Citizens‘ signature alternative edge. 

“Let’s consider what it would look like to spend more time together as a church praying in the name of Jesus for the good of those who don’t dress like us, talk like us, look like us, believe like us, agree with us,” Zach concludes. With ‘When We Pray’Citizens hope to remind listeners that even in the waiting and the tension, we are still surrounded by the presence and comfort of Jesus.