Blessed Man returns with “Blessedology” and there’s ‘No Turning Back’

Not too long ago Blessed Man released his single ‘No Turning Back‘. The sound is a throwback to the rough rugged and raw jumpy days of southern hip hop of 2003. The emcee’s punchy, whispery voice sits over a Jeezy styled instrumental, where he encourages believers not to turn back.

Once we are in, there’s no turning, no turning, moving forward

No Turning Back is from his recent 12-track album “Blessedology” which has effectively brought the rapper with a heart and passion for ministry, back into the spotlight.

Blessed Man started his rap career and ministry in the 90s, moving with a rap group called Gifted Brothers on the Rampage (GBR). As the crew slowly drifted apart, The Blessed Man began to write his own material and generally taking his whole Christian walk more seriously. Having spent 1997 and 1998 in Bible College, 1999 saw the release of his debut single.

As well as a Diploma in Practical Ministry, Blessed Man holds a Degree in Biochemistry making him well balanced intellectually and spiritually. This committed, practicing Christian serves as a member of the Pastor’s Council in his local church. One of the aims of Blessed Man’s ministry is to encourage individuals to experience the abundant life that is promised through Jesus Christ.

The blessed man will go that extra mile in reaching, teaching and pointing individuals in the right path. As such, Blessed Man visits inmates in more than fifteen prisons across the UK on a regular basis.

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