AStepFWD and Lamb Culture Collective partner to empower Christian creatives

AStepFWD, a pioneering multimedia organization celebrating its milestone tenth anniversary this year, announces a visionary collaboration with Nigeria’s Lamb Culture Collective. This strategic partnership aims to cultivate and empower Christian creatives worldwide, fostering a vibrant community and igniting a movement of faith-driven innovation and artistic expression.

Founded by O’Neil Dennis, AStepFWD has grown into an award-winning organisation with a string of achievements including connections to over 600 artists who regularly release music and a judging panel of 150 top industry professionals. As a natural progression, StepFWD Awards was launched in 2021, becoming the UK’s definitive Christian music awards in just three short years, bringing together the CCM and Gospel communities. 

With an inclusive global focus, keeps a finger on the pulse with over 7,200 news articles published online to date and counting. The annual iMPACT Conference in partnership with Goldsmiths University has become a powerful tool in equipping young and aspiring creatives with a deeper understanding of the music industry. 

Reflecting on the past decade, Dennis shares, “Since its inception, AStepFWD has been dedicated to supporting creatives through the UK Christian Charts and various other initiatives. As we mark our tenth anniversary, we are excited to expand our vision internationally, cultivating a community of artists who fearlessly represent Christ through their creativity. Our partnership with Lamb Culture is a natural addition towards this larger global vision.”

Lamb Culture Collective, founded by Onah Marvel, known as Rehmahz, has fast become a haven for Christian creatives of African origin, offering opportunities for development and collaboration across various fields including music, technology, fashion, and art. With a mission to foster inclusivity and have a meaningful impact, Lamb Culture provides a nurturing environment where artists are equipped and empowered to thrive.

Rehmahz expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Empowering the next generation ensures the longevity and vibrancy of the Christian music industry. While artists create music indefinitely, a robust infrastructure sustains its freshness perpetually.”

The collective has already made significant strides in fostering growth within the Christian music industry, providing educational resources, workshops and songwriting camps (see images below) to aspiring artists in northern Nigeria. Through strategic collaborations and innovative initiatives like the “Afro Culture” and “Soul Say Amen” playlists, Lamb Culture has granted emerging talents valuable exposure and support.

Collaborating with a diverse array of artists worldwide, including Oba Reengy, Asha Elia, Reblah and many others, Lamb Culture has established itself as a cornerstone of support for creatives such as Oyije, Omojo, Monaze, and Jenge, nurturing their development within its incubator program.

Looking ahead to 2024, Lamb Culture aims to expand its investment beyond music into technology, fashion and art, leveraging various mediums to reflect Christ’s influence across all facets of creativity. With plans to extend its reach in Africa and beyond, Lamb Culture is poised to be a positive catalyst for the upward trajectory of many careers in the years to come.

Together, AStepFWD and Lamb Culture Collective share a powerful vision for the future: expanding faith and creativity beyond music, supporting Christian creatives worldwide, and reaching a new generation through the digital tools they readily embrace. Truly exciting times ahead so look out for more updates soon!

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