#ArtistTakeover – Jermaine Edwards from Jamaica [Music Video]

Our #ArtistTakeover series today features Jermaine Edwards from Jamaica with two of his EP songs, ‘Beautiful Day’ and Don’t Count Me Out’ from his new album that set to be released in spring 2014.

‘Don’t Count Me Out’ speaks to faith, strength knowing that we are none of us where we could be in Christ but exhorts us to continue keeping our eyes on God’s Kingdom always and in Jermaine’s own words, “This is an encouragement to people like me who never started fast like everybody but want to finish this Christian race”.

‘Beautiful Day’ is a reminder of all the things we have been blessed with and encourages us in the lyrics to be thankful ‘…many people died and never saw this day, so every day I live I appreciate…’

Jermaine says “It’s a song about the negatives and positive we face every day and we thank God for them cause they make us who we are today like Kevin Downswell said stronger”. Enjoy!