are you Down For Your Brother? A Star’s DFMB Remix [Music Video]

dfmb remix main

The official remix of latest single ‘DFMB (Down For My Brothers)’ by London rapper ‘A Star’ features E Tizz, S.O., Triple O & Dwayne Tryumf. Since the original release DFMB has taken the music scene by storm, uniting and indeed reigniting a scene that more recently seemed like it was game over except for a few shining stars.

The DFMB Remix EP is out NOW and available in ALL Digital stores. As well as the official remix, the EP also has 2 remix tracks from UK producers ‘Karac’ & ‘Smylee,’ the DFMB Instrumental is also available on the EP.

Check out the video below and be comforted by the message, inspired by the talent and excited by the energy. UK this is OUR TIME TO SHINE! Click image above or link to order the DFMB Remix