Anu & Nicky write a song of unity for One People Commission 5th birthday

Choir director Anu Omideyi and Legendary producer Nicky Brown from soon to launch initiative Our Songs, have written a brand new song to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the One People Commission (OPC). The Evangelical Alliance caught up with Anu recently to talk about why the OPC is so important for the church in the UK and why she chose to get involved.

Why have you decided to get involved with the One People Commission celebration?

I very much believe that the church at large should be aiming to come together as one body, worshipping God together, growing together and winning souls to the kingdom together. This necessarily includes embracing different ethnicities, denominations, expressions of worship, and cultures. Anything that genuinely celebrates and promotes this will always get my support one way or another, even if simply through prayer. So I’m very pleased to be involved with the One People Commission, which clearly espouses this.

What will you be doing as part of the celebration?

Along with legendary musician and producer Nicky Brown, I have written a song specially for the evening, which will be sung in different languages by several singers at the celebration. We will also be leading worship during the event.

What special role do you think the church can play in encouraging integration and diversity in our society?

The church could more be intentional about leading the way to the appropriate incorporation of different cultures into each of our churches/​spaces, not just in a token fashion or as a gesture, but in a meaningful and sustained manner. The effect of this should be to show society the practical benefits of so doing, and should begin/​continue to make the case and campaign for integration and diversity.

Tell us more about Our Songs. Who’s part of it and what are you hoping to achieve through it?

I’m working alongside Nicky Brown and O’Neil Dennis, founder and director of aStepFWD, the UK’s largest comprehensive Christian and gospel music charting system, to launch a platform that connects new and established songwriters with Christian congregations. The aim is to resource the church with a steady stream of songs from different cultures/​expressions of worship, and to provide opportunities for new and established songwriters to reach churches outside of their normal scope. This way, your song becomes our song. We’re looking forward to a time when cross-interpolation of worship from every culture becomes the norm (as we anticipate it is in heaven!).

Why do you think music transcends differences and brings people together?

Effective music cuts through most barriers into one’s emotions, spirit and soul. It moves us and makes us feel. It doesn’t require a language, socio-economic status or geographic proximity to accomplish that once it is heard.

What is your prayer for the OPC and the UK church?

My prayer is that God grants us the strength and focus to keep our eyes on Him in order to be obedient to His will to further His kingdom during these difficult times. I believe that truly expanding His kingdom involves the church working in unity, with each part playing to their strengths. I pray God draws us together to do this.

Why should people join us at the OPC celebration in November?

To celebrate what we have achieved as a church so far, to meet new people, to open our minds and hearts to what God is doing through others, to renew and redouble our efforts to unite and work together more, and, most importantly, to worship God together.

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Interview article credit to Alexandra Davis of Evangelical Alliance