Amanda Hagel releases uplifting new single ‘Call on Me’

For the better part of a decade, Inspirational/Country Artist Amanda Hagel has established herself as an artist who continues to bring upliftment, inspiration, and empowerment to her listeners with her music. Amanda has received numerous awards including Country Gospel Album for her Christmas album “Listen with Your Heart”, and has been nominated in several musical categories including Best Saskatchewan Album, Country Artist of the Year, Spiritual Artist of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, among others. 

As a deeply introspective person with a strong spiritual connection, Amanda’s song writing conveys messages that speak to her listeners beyond words. Her soul’s calling as a creator of music continues to drive her artistry forward in service to the world. Working with Canadian award-winning producer Bart McKay on what can only be described as an inspirational masterpiece, Amanda’s new single titled ‘Call on Me’ brings an incredibly uplifting message of strength, hope and the power of the human spirit. After spending time in mindful reflection and prayer, Amanda asked what her next musical assignment should be. It was during a profound moment of heightened inspiration that Amanda was given the melody and message of the song – one that almost seemed to write itself. 

‘Call on Me’ speaks of the road we must walk, the life challenges we must face and how during moments of complete surrender journeying into this darkness, God reveals His most powerful truths. Amanda’s personal experience with mental health led her on an inward healing journey that would deepen her faith and gift her the understanding, confidence, and courage to deliver this powerful message.

Listen to ‘Call on Me’ on Spotify now.

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