8 questions with All She Knows: one of Scotland’s fastest rising young bands

With their powerful and rhythmic fusion of experimental synth pop & rock mixed in with an 80’s twist, one of Scotland’s fastest rising young bands, All She Knows, have been gaining rave reviews from press and radio all around the country and haven’t been afraid to bring their exciting and energetic live performances to major venues across the UK.

All She Knows have previously released By Your Side and followed it up with Now That Your Gone this November after some changes in the bands lineup with 2 members leaving due to study and work commitments. Both songs were written by George and Ting with the chorus for Now That Your Gone inspired by the emotions that followed the announcement of singer Seb and drummer Adam’s pending departure.

Their songs reflect an endearing innocence and honesty without taking anything away from the profoundness and relevance of the content. It is refreshing to see these 22/23 year olds stand strong in an overwhelming age of popular culture. With some members being brought up as Christians and others accepting Christ in the past few years, All She Knows seem to have struck a great balance in engaging a generation way beyond the UK, capturing imagination of audiences both in and out of the Church.

astepfwd.com caught up with the Glasgow born and bred lads who picked up a PGM Award in the Christian Rock & Synth/Pop category following on from their tour with Hope For Justice to raise awareness of Human Trafficking.

1. How did the By Your Side track come about?
By your side’s influence came from our relationship with Jesus, how he will always be there when we call his name but we need to make the commitment to stay by his side in everything we do. We want to be ready to do Gods work whenever he calls us!

2. What was the inspiration for Now That Your Gone
It was more to do with the constant need to to satisfy a craving that didn’t seem to go away until we had a relationship with Jesus. In the lyrics we share how we felt before we had Him in our life. No matter how hard you try, or how much money and pleasure you have, you’ll always feel incomplete seeking more and more. Only God can make you feel complete.

3. What excites you guys about the debut album
We are excited by the opportunities it has given us to perform around the UK and the not knowing of where it can take us next. Writing and performing music is something that we are so passionate about, its exciting to think that it will raise the awareness of our music so that we can connect with more and more people.

4. As a group, If you had the chance to work with any one person, who would it be?
If we had the choice we would love to work with Ryan Tedder from One Republic, he is a massive influence for us musically, we would jump at the chance write a song with him.

5. What’s one of the bands most embarrassing moments?
Our most embarrassing moment was when we were playing an acoustic show for one of our fans birthdays and their mum had baked a cake with our picture on it… its safe to say our faces got pretty red.

6. What’s your favourite food?
Chocolate Fudge Cake – George
Pizza – Ross
Noodles – Ting

7. Who is your favourite Bible personality and why?
Samson, I like to think my strength comes from my beard – Ross
Job, it shows that bad things never come from god but only the enemy – Ting
David, his choice to not kill Saul teaches a great lesson that no matter how much you may be pursued we are safe in Gods hands. – George

8. If music didn’t exist what would you do?
Probably something outdoorsey, like a lumberjack – Ross
Photography! I love how a picture can capture so much in a split second – George
A rally driver, I’m pretty addicted to cars – Ting

Now That You’re Gone the debut album from All She Knows is out today 15th November.

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