This year has seen an abundance of musical talent in the name of our Heavenly Father! December’s top slot wraps up 2017 in like fashion; pushing the boundaries even further by confidently crossing over into the mainstream arena.
With Christmas in the air, what better time to remind the whole world of God’s unfathomable grace?!

Layed upon a bed of lush warm organ chords, a generous sprinkling of soul from a choir of heartfelt harmonies and lavished with tantalisingly syncopated beats; the music sets the stage for Stormzy to unleash his vocal talent with spirit filled confidence.

This seems to be one of those rare songs that everyone upon hearing immediately loves – despite their stylistic preference; whether they be young, mature, non-Christian or Christian. It touches upon the valleys of life we all at some point walk through and gives clear direction to the mountaintop. It certainly impacts me everytime I hear it. I see many hearts being won for Jesus by the work he’s doing through this young man. Keep it up Stormzy. “One time for the Lord”!