Poetry lovers will gather as PIA London returns after 2 year break

PIA London Summit is back after a two-year break and promises to be another epic experience! The previous show in 2019 was absolutely spectacular with audio-visual stage presentations and poetry like never seen before! The poets brought transparency, realness and gospel truths that led people to emotions of all kinds – there was laughter, tears and tons of positive energy and excitement! 

With a record attendance of 1400 people in a single show, lives were transformed in more ways than one. A Step FWD teamed up with the poets and Compassion UK to provide a platform that led to the sponsorship of 77 children living in poverty whose lives were transformed that very day! This could not have been achieved without the generous donations and commitments of the loving hearts who sought to make a true and unforgettable difference in the lives of others. 

The long awaited return is finally here as Ezekiel Azonwu and Chris Webb will be joining the amazingly talented new PIA poets; Jasmine Sims and Jazer Willis as the world’s biggest poetry show returns to the London. The UK’s Dai Woolridge along with top poets from the Bible Society sponsored #PoeticChallenge are also set to showcase at the event and there will be a Beauty Workshop appearance by Kiyanna Azonwu.

The buzz of PIA 2022 is already at fever pitch, with over 1000 tickets sold already! Make sure you get your tickets and tell your friends and family, heck even your enemies! Etch the date in your calendar and in your heart. God is going to do something amazing in PIA 2020 and you don’t want to miss this!

All tickets purchased for the 2020 show are redeemable for the 7th May, just bring your e-ticket or other proof of purchase. See you there!