My Top 5 USA Countdown #1 – Lecrae

Lecrae 614x300

Over the last 5 days I’ve been sharing my personal top 5 non UK artists and a little on why I love their music so much… #1 is Lecrae.

Lecrae is not only seen as the leader/ pioneer of Christian Hip-Hop, but he also has an innate ability to create timeless, edifying classics. Lecrae as a result, has numerous number 1 albums and it’s not hard to see why. The rapper is coming up to releasing his 7th studio album ‘Anomaly’ and recently released the first single to the album – Nuthin. This song talks about how a sad majority of the songs that are being put out at the moment (by rappers especially) talk about ‘the same old thing’ which is money, sex, and drugs; ‘nuthin’.

Lecrae is not only my #1 because he releases some incredible music which is consistently raising the bar in Christian Hip Hop; but he is doing the same in the secular scene, where he’s showing that you don’t have to compromise your faith in order to sell records. Lecrae is bringing hope to Hip Hop and he’s bringing Jesus to the unreached, unashamedly.

Below you can listen to the first single off his upcoming album Anomaly.

 Josh de Thierry