4fingaz is reflective in Aaron S Musiq produced new single ‘I Believe’

This new release ‘I Believe‘ is a track UK Gospel rapper 4fingaz and myself have been working on for a little while now. The lyrics were written to let the listeners know what Jesus Christ can do in a person’s life when they are going through life’s hardships (stress, pain, hurt, loneliness) – all a person needs to do is ask!

The above statement is from Aaron S Musiq who has been producing music for about 12 years. He went on to tell us:

I have made a lot of non Godly music in the past and was known by the name CHAOS or DJ Chaos. There was quite a lot of radio airplay at that time but there came a time where I was not happy with the lyrical content in the music. A time came when I realised I was given this talent for Gods work and it was time to start making the right music.

When asked how the track came together, 4fingaz said, “I was in the studio recording another track, after the session I decided to go to my own makeshift home studio. Whilst I was there I was experimenting with a few ideas and I sent the vocals to Aaron. The genius that he is, he chopped up the vocals and build a new beat around it. ‘I Believe’ as we know it was born. I love the emotions, honesty and simplicity of the track.

These artists are on a mission to help and encourage individuals going through real-life issues and help people get away from the worldly ways, which sometimes bog us down.

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