Young rap trio Free Life Boyz sign to Canton Jones’ label & drop new video

With an intentional focus on young people it’s great to see the work that Stellar Award winning artist Canton Jones is doing. He recently signed young Free Life Boyz trio of Mac (14), Keyce (14) and Lil Unk (10) to his Atlanta based record label Cajo Records saying, “I understand how difficult it is to keep the attention of young people when it comes to the Kingdom of God.”

He added, “It’s sad when people don’t recognize kingdom. You may be looking for something that’ll have you laid out on the floor worshipping God while your kids and teens are totally not involved…this is not the page for that. We’re going after our youth! If you don’t understand or recognize KINGDOM MOVES (which you obviously don’t) then don’t complain….just pray!”

The move and posted video attracted differing opinions such as “Excited about what God’s about to do with the young generation in 2019.” and another “I’m confused. Are you for the kingdom of God, or the world???”

With the look and style that is popular amongst especially teenagers globally, Free Life Boyz mission is to inspire and teach youth that it’s cool to live a clean and righteous life. Their dynamic comradery on and off stage stems from the trio being family in which Lil Unk is literally the uncle of the group.

Free Life Boyz perform in a variety of venues for audiences of all ages whether it be at churches, festivals or concerts. Wherever they show up they bring their love and passion for music to life on stage. Their music is real, positive, and fun. But their influence goes beyond the music. Free Life Boyz are the face of their self-created campaign entitled, Be Free. Be Free encourages youth to be unique in every area of life and take a stand against bullying. Youth are encouraged to be unique in their education, in their fashion statements, and in their musical choices.

Canton explains more behind his reason for signing the Free Life Boyz in the video below: