Young Artists, Where Are They? – Sam Hibbard is ‘In The Waiting’

Not so long ago and as part of our ongoing quest to identify youth talent, we asked the question Young Artists, Where Are They? From the messages and feedback we proudly introduced 17 year old Sam Hibbard, a most exciting, upcoming singer and songwriter who hails from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Sam recently released his new single ‘In The Waiting’ which was also submitted to the UKCC February 2016 listing.

With the official video now available to above watch, we got in touch with Sam to hear about the visual conceptualisation of his music. “I made the music video to capture the song at a different angle, my hope is that this connects folk with the song in a visual way. Find it to convey the meaning of the song more. On my own shows that following gods call can be a lonely one. It’s all part of the journey there will be valley seasons and mountain peak season and God will be constant through the years”, he explained.

Sam Hibbard at such a young age continues to inspire many and not just those in his generation. The future of worship in Scotland and the UK is looking secure with talent like his in the waiting (pun intended).

You can read more about Sam in a previous article Scotland’s Future Worship Leader Sam Hibbard and if you know any other young Christian artists please let us know.