You are what you eat, so what are you feeding on?

You Are What You Eat

If you genuinely want to be healthier, physically fit and feel better, you have to change your eating habits. You have to have a balanced diet that contains all the necessary nutrients.

You might have to give up some of your favourite foods and drinks, because they don’t align with your desire for a healthier lifestyle. A person that genuinely wants to be physically healthy does not fill their kitchen with unhealthy foods.

It’s no different spiritually, mentally or emotionally. If you were to list your favourite books, musical artists and TV programmes, would they be a good reflection of who you want to be?

You have to think about what you’re feeding your mind/spirit. What do you read? What do you watch? Who do you surround yourself with? Ever heard the saying ‘show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are’? Bad company corrupts good character. Surround yourself with people that display the kind of characteristics you hope to have.

If you put an apple seed into soil, in the right conditions, it will produce apples. The seeds that you allow to be planted in your life, through what you feed yourself on, will produce fruit. Eventually you will become a product of what you’re feeding on.

So, what are you feeding on?

My name is Love, and these are my Notes.

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