Yemi Alafifuni asks ‘how deep is God’s love?’ in new release

UK-based chart-topping artist, Yemi Alafifuni is set to release an intimate and lyrically impactful new single titled ‘Deep’ on March 1, 2024. Inspired by a personal journey of finding the dimensions of God’s love, Yemi finds that there’s no way to measure the height, width, depth, and length of this love. 

This chill tempo “worshipful” love song will take you on a profound trip into the depth of love not found anywhere else but in the divine.


Writing ‘Deep’ was a journey of thoughts, questions, and ecstatic discovery of God’s love, Yemi explained.

About two years ago, I was in deep thought and had many questions. Asking these questions loudly or in the company of Christians could be construed as being ungrateful or doubtful… Yemi continues. But they were questions about my call, and I secretly demanded answers from God. Quite frankly, I was ready to give up. 

Round about this time, I reluctantly attended a mid-week bible study session and the topic being discussed was ‘Love’. In this session, the teacher taught Ephesians 3:17-19, especially on verse 18 where she began to explain what the dimensions of God’s love looked like. My love language is love in its purest form, so I was super attentive and captivated at the same time. It was as though it was my first time hearing about love, true and pure.

This truly captivated my heart and suddenly I felt a flood of light, love and ecstasy towards God. I really couldn’t explain it. As I returned home that night, I decided to read and research into how far or deep God’s love was. This is when I started writing ‘Deep’.

The chorus is partly in Yemi’s local dialect (Yoruba). Its meaning is rooted in a promise God gave Yemi when his daughter was born. The promise of unconditional love is unimaginable for most humans. To grasp this true – unaltered and constant love can only be divine… Yemi concludes. 


This song is a true love story between Yemi, and a God called Love. Its message is at the heart of worship which transcends motives, emotions, and desires. Truth is we may never comprehend the dimensions of Yahweh’s love, but one thing is for sure, He loves us.

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