Would you describe yourself as Optimistic or Pessimistic?


I hope you chose optimistic. There is a much greater chance that you will attract better company having people with a similar mindset to encourage and uplift you further, rather than pulling you down to the bottom of the pit.

The Bible says ‘They have prepared a net to trap me; I am discouraged. They have dug a pit for me. They will fall into it.’ Psalms 57:6. However, ‘Be strong and don’t get discouraged for your work will be rewarded.’ 2 Chronicles 15:7.

Seeing life in a positive manner can really have a reflection in your life and even the lives of those around you. Optimism will give off a greater aura, which as a Christian, can promote Gods love, unity and spirit to those yet to seek him.

So don’t fall, but stand strong with your double-edged sword and remain encouraged.

Latisha Daure

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