Young pastor & creative Wole Agbaje releases new single ‘Delight’

Wole Agbaje‘s ‘Delight’ is a song that compares the way the world loves the way God loves. God’s love is unconditional especially in contrast to human love which is conditional and mostly based on reciprocity. Wole says, “I find that in today’s culture if you’re annoyed or tired of someone you retreat from them but God is the opposite of this, even at your worst he pulls in close. This song depicts how much God loves his people, how much time he wants to spend with them and how much he delights in them.”

Born in Lagos, Nigeria and raised in South London UK, Wole began singing from the age of 5 years old and was heavily inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Lamar. Growing up in Christian home, Wole developed a love for gospel music that’s still evident in his music today.

Wole skilfully blends his love for gospel, R&B and house into his music, making his music incredibly unique. In recent years, Wole has been working behind the scenes, songwriting for an array of artists and equipping them in their music projects. He is also a part of the neo-soul collective called Imprint Worship, which is the worship team of the church he leads called IMPRINT (located in Central London and Leicester).

Wole has also featured on tracks by IMPRINT SOUND and the EDM classic ‘You Keep Me Dancing’ by Eikon. As a pastor, he aims to talk about his faith authentically through his music.

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