Why Artists Must Set A PR Plan

Due to the unique nature of Britain’s Gospel/Christian music scene, most artists have to finance both the recording of, and promotion of their music. However too few artists give deep thought to the promotional strategy they will employ once their music project is completed, and as a result their projects fail to have the desired creative/spiritual impact, let alone recoup the money spent on recording the single/EP/album.

To maximise the impact of a music project, it’s important that artists devise a PR strategy in order to reach their target audience and sell their music even if that strategy is to at least promote their project on social media!!!

To get the most out of any promotional strategy undertaken it’s imperative for artists to be clear on their goals and objectives (GAOs) and be mindful of what they want people to think, feel and believe when the PR strategy is implemented. More importantly, what action do you the artist want people to take?
For instance do you want your target audience to:-

* Click through to your website?
* Buy your music product?
* Book you to perform at events?
* Buy tickets/register to attend your event?
* Get your music played on radio?
* Watch your video?
* Read your blog?
The list of things you might wish to promote are endless and varied and if you are to achieve your GAOs devising an implementing a PR strategy is a must.

Key elements of a PR plan

Artists, when embarking on developing your strategy, have your end GAOs in mind and start working on how you are going to achieve them. And when writing out your PR strategy/plan make sure it includes the following:-

– The target audience (s) you want to reach
– The PR tools you’ll use to achieve your GAOs
– Your budget
– Media outlets you’ll contact and
– The outcomes you expect from your PR activity.

I think it’s important to state here that PR does not just entail getting column inches in media outlets. It could also mean making event organisers aware of your music so that they will book you for events or making your target audience aware that aside from singing you are also a gifted speaker and available to do speaking engagements. There’s a wide range of PR tools that you can use to achieve your objectives. There’s organisations who’ve used just a few PR tools to achieve their GAOs.

PR tools to consider

If you’re not sure of the range of PR tools you can use, here are some of them:-

WRITTEN MATERIAL: – Leaflet, Newsletters, Brochures, Magazines, Pamphlets, Books, E-Books

EVENTS: – Seminars, Workshops, Receptions, Launches, Church Services, Speaking Engagements, Conferences, Convocations, Anniversary Celebrations, Concerts

MEDIA RELATIONS: – Press releases, Videos, DVDs, CDs

INTERNET: – Websites, Blogs, Emails,

SOCIAL NETWORKING: – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, You Tube, Instagram, Tumbler

One thing I can say, having been involved in a number of PR campaigns with a range of artists including Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Muyiwa and Noel Robinson is that when you start implementing the devised PR strategy, you embark on an exciting journey (if it’s successful) that can lead you down all kinds of interesting avenues and bring to the fore new opportunities as you work to achieve your PR GAOs.

There’s a saying which states “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” so what you waiting for? Get working on creating and implementing the PR strategy for your music, and watch your GAOs hit the mark.

Marcia Dixon is Founder of MD Public Relations who provide an inexpensive PR consultancy service for artists.
Email info@marciadixonpr.co.uk for more details

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