Where In The World? goes across the pond in our latest Instagram live

Where in the World? is the exciting weekly live series from AStepFWD which interviews individuals in the global music scene to “bring the world a little closer home”. Conversations touch on each guest’s culture and include facts about food, local sights and the faith behind their art.

Check out our latest live broadcast as Carla Adebekun once again hosts, this time with two guests from the United States. We are joined by Carrington Gaines, a worship leader and songwriter who currently resides in Chicagoland, but counts Buffalo, NY as home and O’neil Watson who is a singer/songwriter and actor who is based in Florida but previously lived in Jamaica, UK, Canada and Australia. In this discussion, both guests talk about how God has really worked through them, as well as how the different places throughout the world they’ve been to and their cultural experiences have shaped the way they do what they do!

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