What Are You Gonna ‘SEND A WAVE’ To? [Documentary Video]


Guvna an acronym for God’s Unique Vessel Now Assigned is back again, having already been ‘Sending One Up‘ he is now about to ‘Send A Wave’ to all the things in his life that he wants to say goodbye to.

The Christian performing artist continues to create inspiring music that is relevant to today’s world and especially this generation. In the video below Guvna B heads to his old Secondary School St. Edwards to run a workshop based around his latest single ‘Send A Wave’ which features Canton Jones and Vicky Tola.

The Bible declares ‘…a little child shall lead them…’ so follow the example of these brave young people and ‘send a wave’ to people who don’t think you can succeed, to drugs, to jealousy, to the devil, to bad attitudes, to selfishness, to war, to pain and suffering, to poverty, to…and the list goes on. A big shout out to all those who participated in the video. You are all ambassadors, well done!

So make sure you check in for the official release of the Send A Wave single on Sunday April 21st. In the meantime like and follow Guvna B here: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | WEBSITE