What a Spectacle…Victory Youth Group’s own Electric Showdown!


What a great sight… to see over 1000 young people full of positive energy and enthusiasm gathered together in one place! It was truly a stunning view, well worthy of extensive media coverage.

On the bright Sunday afternoon of April 28th, the Victory Youth Group, one of the biggest known youth networks in the UK, hosted an event called Electric Showdown which consisted of 5 different teams coming together to compete against each other in fun and friendly singing, rap, dancing and drama showdown. The performances were absolutely mind-blowing, reminding everyone present and indeed the nation, of the raw energy and incredible talent that young people possess.

Electric Showdown had it all. Special guests Presha J & Leke of the renowned male group Writeway performed their latest single “Throw it in The Air” which was unforgettable. and so much more was on display. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon spent with the VYG at Finsbury Park, North London and I am greatly anticipating the next showdown!



Pictures courtesy of VYG

Michael Ranmi

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