Well, the devil is one to play hide and seek with!


Just when I thought the world could not get anymore ridiculous, disgusting and just plain rebellious and anti-christ, comes a formal application to build a 7 foot statue of the devil in Oklahoma state capital according to Mail Online. This is a very clear indication that society is driving further and further away from salvation, from Jesus, from any biblical link for that matter and we are blatantly inviting the devil, yes, the big scary guy with two horns, a forked trident and a mouth that breaths fire, according to Hollywood, into our communities.

So why then do we complain so much when crime becomes more frequent. People all around us in huge numbers and nations war against one another and the irony of it is that, God is to blame? Well, we have really done it now have we not?

Apparently this will not be commissioned but who is to say in a few years time, schools will become satanic institutions and churches will be dabbling in satanic doctrine.

I just want to say “Get me outta here”.

Michael A

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