VYG staged WHERE U GOING Event in 32 locations across UK

Where U Goin wHERE U GOING 5

This event epitomized everything involving young people in society today. Organised by Victory Youth Group (VYG)‘Where U Going’ took place in more then 32 locations across the UK, and welcomed 100’s of youths from around the various boroughs. What an amazing sight it was to see so many different backgrounds and different cultures all in one building.

The concept of the drama production that was put on display by very passionate and talented individuals, was that one had to think about where they were going in life and whether it was in the right direction, or on the right path? This was the question posed to the hundreds of young people on that Sunday afternoon and for sure many of them received the guidance that they needed and several were inspired to start a new life along a new path.

Many decided where they were going!

Where U going Where u goin 3

Where u Goin 2

Michael Akinle

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