Vassie’s debut single ‘Here I Am’ is available to Pre-Order now!

Vassie’s first single from her upcoming debut album is finally out to pre-order! The urban, pop influenced song ‘Here I Am’ is due for release shortly (14th March) and it has already made a lasting impression on many. In the bold song we see singer/songwriter Vassie declaring that despite what she may face, she ‘won’t turn back’ and offers herself to God saying ‘Here I Am’.

The catchy song was one of the first songs that Vassie wrote and similarly to what we will see in her upcoming album; she has re-produced the song and what you can hear now, is the amazing result of this process.

When talking to Vassie she said, in the same confidence that we can hear in her single, that she “feels it’s the right time for me now to fully step into what God has for me”. She also mentioned that she has been “working hard away at all that’s to come!”. 

While you’re waiting for the release of Vassie’s Album, check out the video above and you can pre-order ‘Here I Am’!

Josh de Thierry